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A few chemotherapy drugs can be present in small amounts in vaginal fluids.You may want to use condoms while you’re getting chemotherapy and for about 2 weeks afterward.Ask your cancer care team if sexual activity may be a problem at any time during or after your treatment.Here are some general guidelines: You probably have many other questions that haven’t been addressed here.Some types of radiation treatment require special precautions for a certain amount of time, too.Talk to your doctor or nurse if you have questions or concerns.Sex therapy is a brief type of psychotherapy or counseling (about 10 to 20 sessions) focused on solving a sexual problem.

But a sex therapist should be a mental health professional (psychiatrist, social worker, or psychologist) with special training in treating sexual problems with sex therapy.

In recent years, medical clinics and even private practice groups have begun treating sexual problems and/or promoting sexual health.

Such clinics provide psychological and medical exams through many different types of health care providers.

Remember that your doctor is a professional and knows that certain treatments and drugs can change a patient’s sex life.

If you are still uncomfortable, another option is to tell a female member of your team, like a nurse, about your concerns so they can relay the message to the doctor.

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