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League of Legends has a 6-tiered ranking system, which allows you to jump to different ranks when you’ve achieved a certain ratio of wins vs losses.The players then play within that rank, in order to account for skill level.

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I’ve never been into online dating, so signing up for any app was daunting.While you can use the solo-queue or duo-queue options to play with strangers, Once you start playing League of Legends, you’re going to want to join a team or even build one yourself.A team of friends who communicate well and understand each other’s styles will perform much better than a team of strangers.And here’s the sneaky bit: Once you start playing with friends, you’re going to start receiving messages and invitations from your friends to play more. Because League of Legends is also extremely exciting to watch, it has developed a very competitive gaming scene, paired with prize pools numbering to the millions.Competitive teams from Korea, China, Europe and America have developed cult followings and are sponsored by huge companies, and they play in stadiums packed with thousands of fans – some people describe them to be the rockstars of the gaming world. Apart from the larger competitions like Worlds, there are also many smaller, regional competitions for casual and semi-pro players to try their hands with. Pro players stream their games and have large followings, and even some casual gamers have popular streams where they try new tactics or just have a fun time online.

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