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Emily and Jack are in love, but still aren't together for no reason whatsoever. Daniel died and his ex-girlfriend Margaux joined #Team Victoria. Our minds right now: does, it one-ups the crazy by having Emily confess to the murder of Victoria, who wasn't really murdered because she faked her murder by defiling her own mother's corpse (in case you were still having a hard time processing that). In a flashback, we see that a very sick Marion spent her last minutes alive wheezing through an absolutely brutal takedown of Victoria in which she revealed that Victoria's father is the man who raped her as a teenager. They have sex, because being an escaped convict and talking about death in the house where your ex was murdered is hot.

Courtney Love killed Emily's boyfriend Ben, because Courtney Love will do basically anything if you ask her. But while Victoria is reminiscing about burning her mother's corpse, Nolan is apparently hacking into the maximum security prison where Emily has been transferred thanks to her guilty plea. When Jack is out to get breakfast, Emily leaves and puts on a crappy wig and glasses in preparation to leave the country incognito without saying goodbye.

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But for those who stuck it out, Sunday's series finale was when all that time and devotion was supposed to pay off — when viewers would finally see Emily Thorne get her revenge on Victoria Grayson.She really should have just stayed and had the awkward morning-after conversation with Jack, since Courtney Love snuck into the house and stabbed him as soon as he returned. The cops show up mid-stabbing and Jack is taken to a hospital, alive.But the shock of almost having her umpteenth lover murdered prompts Emily to finally realize it's time she up her revenge game plan against Victoria.She is mostly loves to wear tight blouses like this one ,that are opened in front so everybody can look at her tits .Emily Osment nude tits are really something that we all love to see .

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