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If your singing is as beautiful as your looks, then you are the most beautiful of all birds.". Romansch (also spelled Rumantsh, Rumantsch, Romansch, or Romanche) is one of the four national languages of Switzerland, along with German, Italian and French.The most closely related variety is Sutsilvan, which is spoken in the area located to the east of the district.The name of the dialect and the Surselva District is derived from sur 'above' and selva 'forest', with the forest in question being the Uaul Grond in the area affected by the Flims Rockslide.or romontsch sursilvan [ʁoˈmɔntʃ suʁsilˈvan]) is a group of dialects of the Romansh language spoken in the Swiss district of Surselva.

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In addition, Sursilvan was previously used in the Surmiran dialect area as the language of church, but has now been replaced by Standard Surmiran and Rumantsch Grischun.

In all of these, except for Flims, however, a majority of people reported in the 2000 Swiss census to use Romansh daily, even if only a minority named it as their language of best command.

In about half of the Sursilvan villages, Romansh is the language of best command of over 70% or 80%.

Sche tes chant è uschè bel sco tia parita, lur es ti il pli bel utschè da tuts». There he saw a raven upon a fir holding a piece of cheese in its beak.

This I would like, he thought, and shouted at the raven: "You are so beautiful!

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