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I certainly don't want to downplay the positive aspects that can come from it).

No matter how many similarities there are to his previous work, he's still trying his hand at a completely new genre (science fiction) and exploring new ways to tell a story (this is his first film to use both voiceover narration and a traditional film score).In another scene David/Farrell kicks a little girl in the shin.And like with all of his films, there's plenty of goofy/awkward dancing (I'm still not certain if Yorgos played up his particular style a little bit now that he has a larger audience).I’m not quite sure why The Lobster was described as strictly a drama prior to its release (I read more than a few seemingly legitimate sources late last year that described it as such).There are certainly a few heartbreaking moments, and the film does take an unexpected dark turn in the final act, but overall, is a dark comedy. The overall premise is too silly to be taken seriously no matter how straight-laced and (intentionally) dry the actors played their parts.

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