Dating owens illinois glass

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I am offering these books as a adjunct to my work on the Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website.

It is primarily a service of sorts to those interested in the history of glass containers and I sell them for close to my expense in acquiring them.

I list it as part of the essential bottle book "canon" on my other, purely educational Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website.

This is a very thick (779 pages), larger format (about 9" x 11") book with a hardbound blue cloth cover and a dust jacket (this one neatly price clipped).

It does have one loose page a bit beyond the middle for some reason, though I doubt that the book has ever been read and certainly never fully opened up. The lighter strips around the edges are a scanner induced feature and are not on the book itself.) I don't usually have extra copies of these but did acquire two copies a few years ago; this is the second one of the pair.

There are no old purely price guides here - those types of books become quickly out of date and then are simply useless lists of bottles with no real utility.

A Bit About Balsams: A Chapter in the History of 19th Century Medicine - by Betty Blasi.

This is certainly one of the "good" bottle books in that even though it is somewhat narrow in focus (balsam medicines) it includes a lot of history about a lot of the bottles listed - which is in the hundreds.

: Like with all collectibles and antiques, good advice is always to "Buy the book before the bottle." Knowledge is power and even safety (of your money) when dealing with any collectible - bottles even more so than many other fields of collecting because of the incredible diversity of historic bottles.

Beyond that, the history behind the glass companies that made the bottles - as well as the individuals and businesses that ordered and used the bottles - is simply fascinating..isn't that a big part of why we collect bottles?

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