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I don’t need the salesman anymore, I can get info on the web, select the two brands I’m interested and then see just 2 salesman. So, keep your price where it is, but add more benefits, free. And the price is becoming more and more important, because we are entering a recession.

” I’m just saying to you one thing: “marketing changes”. Marketing started 80 years ago to help salesamen, by creating reaserch, creating advertising, creating names of people who may be interested in product. Best way for small businesses is maybe buy a little marketing consultancy. that’s interesting: you know who does the marketing? Professor Pralahad – whose excellent work is focusing on poor people – is concentrating on how to make products cheaper. Kotler: It probably is because a lot of engineer-designed products are excessively complex. Raise your hand if you would be sorry if Google disappeared… I would like to do a study about the companies people love in Italy. In a book about companies people love, Firms of Endearment, I found these evidencies: They do a good job for clients, for employees, for suppliers, for stakeholders They hire carefully, train well, keep their workers long They spend less in marketing… Or, lower your price to create a second and third version, Good, Better, Best. So maybe you’ll have to figure out ways to lower your price, not necessarily under your brand. Doritos mada a contest, “if you like Doritos shoot a video, a 30 secs” lovely. Web is about to play a larger and larger role in our lives. Talking about websites, measure, you can get all kind of data. Chi fa il nostro mestiere si sta interrogando sui nuovi strumenti, che a volte ci creano anche qualche imbarazzo. 5 – Now we’re moving towards a new idea: to create products together, we called them co-creation, most companies don’t do that, they’re engineer-driven, but now I ask the customer to help me buy the product. Kotler: Future marketing is about experiential marketing.

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