Adult sex text numbers

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If you feel guilty taking a peek at your little darling’s computer and phone, remember one thing: You paid for them.LOLTWOM (Laughing out loud, they won’t outsmart me).

"By sharing too much you run the risk of having your information go public without your knowledge, posing a threat to your privacy and identity." According to Mc Afee, 69 percent of people secure their smartphone with a passcode but 46 percent still share their e-mail and social networking passwords.Bark’s Bason says that’s why it’s so important to add context and conversation to the shorthand teens use.He says spying on kids' conversations simply does not work, but a mix of education, communication, and modern tools, often can.Here’s the most recent list of the top “sneaky” terms that teens use, according to Bark’s data:53X = sneaky way to type "sex"KMS = kill myself LH6 = let’s have sex KYS = kill yourself MOS = mom over the shoulder POS = parent over shoulder CD9 = code 9, parents around GNOC = get naked on camera.99 = parents are gone WTTP = want to trade photos?LMIRL = let’s meet in real life1174 = meet at a party spot IWSN = I want sex now CU46 = see you for sex FWB = friends with benefits ADR = what’s your address MPFB = my personal f*** buddy PAL= parents are listening TWD = texting while driving GYPO = get your pants off I ran a bunch of these by own teenage daughter, who I’ve also tested the Bark service on recently, along with Netsanity, Net Nanny, Teen Safe, Limitly, and many “watchdog” apps over the years.

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